Monday, July 4, 2016

What is Praise?

Praise can be defined in many ways, but here are a few of my favorites:

Praise is a song to god, not just about God.  It thanks him for his divine nature and focuses our hearts on him.

Praise enables us to thank God for his gift of grace, his unmerited favor; it is a demonstration of our gratitude for the relationship we have with him.

Praise provides us with time to acknowledge him and in turn become better acquainted with him.

Praise is an act of submission in recognition that he is Lord and that it is through him we are forgiven and able to triumph over sin.

Praise is an opportunity to focus your thoughts on God and to remember that your motivation to praise him is not based on the good things or the bad things you are experiencing, but because you love him unconditionally,

Praise is an act of demonstrating that you are rooted in your faith and trust in God, so much so that you will stand firm in your praise regardless of the storms that may come.

Praise is your opportunity to overcome self pity and doubt, to proclaim your willingness to trust God even when you may feel forgotten or forsaken.

Praise is your willingness to surrender your control to God and never take it back, to never steer away from his direction and plan for your life.

Praise is you willingness to surrender your pain and grab hold of joy!

Praise is never ending in our walk towards victory in Christ!

Praise the Lord!  Just a little advice to go!

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