Sunday, February 21, 2016

God's Five Protections

God's word outlines five protections in Chapter 18 of the Book of Psalms, verses 2 and 3.  These protections are guaranteed to each of us if we simply believe.  Our heavenly father is a:

1. ROCK that can't be moved by any who would harm us

2. FORTRESS or place of safety where the enemy can't follow

3. SHIELD that comes between us and harm

4. HORN of salvation-a symbol of might and power

5. STRONGHOLD  high above our enemies.

Challenges will come throughout your daily walk and the reaction for many of us, myself included, is sometimes apprehension and fear.  God reminds us that we need not fear the challenges of the day because he is our rock, fortress, shield, horn, and stronghold.  He is more than sufficient to protect and guide us through these daily challenges.  In Him will I trust!  Just a little advise to go!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

God Always Hears You!

Perhaps you feel like God is not hearing your prayers; that you are not worthy of his attention.  Cast these thoughts away and know that whether you are crying out in agony or crying out in silent prayer, He hears you.  Even when you sin and fall short, he hears you just as he did the first time you asked him to come into your life.  

Please do not mistake God's unwillingness to respond in the manner you prefer as an indicator that he cannot hear you.  Instead recognize that while his response may be unrecognizable to you, He is doing all he can to bless and protect you.  You simply need to look at your problems in the light of God's power instead of looking at God in the shadow of your problems to understand that God always hears you!  Just a little advice to go! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

How Deep Is Your Love?

It is easy to say we love the Lord, but how deep is that love.?  Is the depth of our love such that when persecution and storms come our way, we stand strong in the Lord? 

In the bible there are many accounts outlining how believers were attacked and persecuted.  Some quickly denied they ever knew Christ, others stood strong even when they lost everything they cared about.  Christ provides us an example of what it means to stand fast in faith and love.  Throughout his time of earth he was persecuted and attacked, yet he remained faithful.   Facing death on the cross, he again proved his love lifting his voice to heaven and asking God to forgive his persecutors.  

We are challenged to consider the depth of our love for the Lord and our willingness to love him in spite of the persecution and storms we face.  Our love should be as unconditional as his love is for us.  He was willing to die for us even though we were sinners that we might be justified through his blood.  How deep is your love, deep enough that you would be willing to die for him?  Think about it...  Just a little advice to go!