Sunday, January 29, 2017

Making America Great Again!

How do we make America great again? The reality is that we can't make America great until we address the flaws and biases within ourselves. America cannot be great when it continues to ignore the poverty within its own borders and blames that poverty on immigrants when in fact we have enough resources within this country to eliminate all poverty. America cannot be great when the elderly are left to live off of the crumbs of a broken social security system, when we as a nation have the resources to ensure every senior retires to a safe, peaceful, and worryfree life. America cannot be great when we continue to judge people by the color of their skin versus the content of their character and then deny it happens. America cannot be great when those of us who practice the Christian faith insist on passing judgment and condemning others even though Christ accepted each of us unconditionally through his grace and love.

America can only be great again when each of starts to live by the values that can ensure its greatness. Values that commit us to caring for the poor and sickly, that  enable us to embrace all people regardless of the color of their skin or religious faith, that obligate us to act out of love, peace, joy, and kindness will make America great again. Making America great means each of us has to commit to live by these values. I don't know about you, but I'm reaffirming my commitment to live by these each and every day. I'm re-committing to give from what I have to those in need, to love the least lovable, to care for the elderly, to respect all people and forgive those who are the least deserving of that forgiveness. Most of all, I am committing to practicing grace towards others; a grace reflective of the unmerited favor that God demonstrated when he accepted me as his child. Just a little advice to go!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Evil We've Become

Christian faith is built upon the biblical principles and teachings of our churches and religious institutions throughout the United States and the world.  From the beginning of time the Bible teaches that original sin separated humanity from the sinless life God intended for us.  A seed of sin was planted within each of us, the evilness that we either overcome or the evil we become.

Today, the evidence of the evil within us is evident as we see the hate and disdain many have for those who are different from them leading to so much hate within our own country as well as the rest of the world.  Despite the many biblical teachings that tell us not to judge, not to hate, to forgive, to turn the cheek, not to have a Spirit of condemnation, to love our enemies, and so forth, we continue to focus on false dialogues based on the forceful imposition of our faith on others.  What happened to loving others into a walk with Christ and understanding that this world is not our home, that in it we will not find perfection.

Christ knew we were not of this world, that we should leave the things of this world to this world, that our faith has always brought condemnation, but that in Christ we could withstand and overcome that condemnation.  Many live within the falsehood that we can make “America Great Again” as if Christ has taught us that we could turn America around and make it a Godly nation.  Biblically, we are taught that making America great again is the furthest thing from the outcome of the journey we are traveling.  America will continue down the wicked path it has traveled since the creation of the first man and woman.  Our task is not to make America Great again, but rather to reflect the shining light of Christ upon those who are in the darkness with love and grace, much as He shone his light upon us so that they too may see the path that leads to a life free of condemnation and full of the promise of tomorrow.

Perhaps if we focused on making our individual selves great again, true believers, free of our own evilness and walking in God’s grace, we would have a greater impact on those who are lost in the evils of this world.  With each life we touch and with each person who believes and chooses to walk a Christian walk, we prepare for the reality that Christ will come again and that he will come because of the sin that will undoubtedly overtake our land.  Yes, we don’t give up on standing for our faith, but we keep our efforts in perspective with the reality of what we know is to come.  Just a little advice to go!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Attitude in 2017!

As I start 2017, I am committing to a new attitude for the year. I recognize that my attitude is something that I can control, though I often fail to keep it in check. You see my attitude is often impacted by the circumstances I encounter throughout my day. People who have bad attitudes make it difficult for me to remember that their bad attitude doesn't mean mine has to be bad. Attitude is something each of us can control by simply making the conscious decision not to allow the people or situations we encounter daily to negatively impact our attitudes.

In 2017, I am choosing to have an attitude that reflects optimism, joy, empathy, hope, love, peace, compassion and Godliness. I refuse to allow the circumstances of the moment, regardless of how difficult they may be, to lead me down the pessimistic path that seems so prevalent in today's world. I am committed to having a positive attitude at home, work, school, and life in general. Imagine how joyful life would be if we all worked to ensure we had a new attitude in 2017, one that was truly focused on the unconditional celebration of the gift of life. Let's just do it! Just a little advice to go!