Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Attitude in 2017!

As I start 2017, I am committing to a new attitude for the year. I recognize that my attitude is something that I can control, though I often fail to keep it in check. You see my attitude is often impacted by the circumstances I encounter throughout my day. People who have bad attitudes make it difficult for me to remember that their bad attitude doesn't mean mine has to be bad. Attitude is something each of us can control by simply making the conscious decision not to allow the people or situations we encounter daily to negatively impact our attitudes.

In 2017, I am choosing to have an attitude that reflects optimism, joy, empathy, hope, love, peace, compassion and Godliness. I refuse to allow the circumstances of the moment, regardless of how difficult they may be, to lead me down the pessimistic path that seems so prevalent in today's world. I am committed to having a positive attitude at home, work, school, and life in general. Imagine how joyful life would be if we all worked to ensure we had a new attitude in 2017, one that was truly focused on the unconditional celebration of the gift of life. Let's just do it! Just a little advice to go!

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