Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Does Your Judgment Say About You?

Yes we all judge others for one reason or another, let's just put that right out there. Sometimes we do it with good intentions, like when we are interview ing someone for a job and try to judge whether they are a suitable candidate for the positoin. That is not the type of judgment that becomes a problem, it is when we pass judgment for the wrong reasons; like when the person doesn't let you drive into the next lane and you know you have to because you'll miss your exit. What an idiot! Oops there are I go, passing judgment on the moron in the other vehicle. Of course, that person has probably concluded that I'm a bigger moron because I waited until the last minute to switch lanes. Sometimes we judge others by their outer appearance drawing conclusions based on superficial information without truly knowing anything about who they are. Other times, we judge based on the rumors we hear about the person drawing conclusions without any facts. Often we judge based on stereotypes that diminish the humanity of the other person, whether we want to admit it or not.

It is critical that we as believers do our best NOT to judge others unfairly, but rather to practice the same compassion, care and forgiveness that Christ provides each of us. As believers we abide by his word which reminds us that we should not judge, if we don't want to be judged; not condemn, if we don't want to be condemned; and forgive, if we too want to be forgiven. How we judge others speaks to who we are and thus begs the question, what does your judgment say about you? Perhaps we should ask ourselves that question more often. Just a little advice to go!

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