Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Silent Partner

Recently I was speaking with a friend when she began to share her conversations with the Lord.  She is a faithful woman and prays for God's direction often finding herself debating the direction he provides. Fear and doubt along with financial limitations make her question God's direction only to find that God is more than willing to repeat himself.

She shared a story about last Christmas when God directed her to buy Christmas cards, inscribe the plan of salvation, enclose a small amount of cash and deliver them to total strangers.  When God moved her to buy the cards, she refused reminding the Lord that she didn't have a lot of money right now.  She left the store and went to another store only to find the same exact box of cards waiting for her and the same message from the Lord.  She eventually yielded to the Lord's message purchasing several boxes of the cards, inscribing the message of salvation, and placing six dollars in each envelope.  She then prayed and following God's directions, delivered the cards to the employees at her local McDonalds, Burger King, Walmart and Supermarket.  Yes, she delivered them to the employees, those folks working crazy hours in demanding conditions for very little money.

One by one she visited each location, spoke to the manager, and then handed out the cards.   The managers were left in awe with some even crying as they had never had anyone do this before.  Most employees received the cards with many asking how she knew they were hurting and praying for God to speak to their lives.  Several committed their lives to Christ on the spot and others were later her see her and tell her of their eventual acceptance of Christ.  One person was able to touch so many simply by listening to God's direction.

God uses anyone who listens to his voice and is willing to take a step of faith.  My friend is but one of many silent partners that God uses to touch lives.  She lives on a limited income, cares for her mother, and at times struggles to find ways to respond to God's direction.  But she responds nevertheless and God continues to bless and provide for her.  She is silent in her actions, never boasting or taking credit; she simply does as God directs.  Imagine the impact we could have on this world if we all became his silent partners.  Amazing!  Just a little advice to go!

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