Saturday, July 27, 2013

Listening With Your Eyes!

Recently I have focused on learning to do better in my relationships with others.  One key component of improving relationships is communicating in a more effective and compassionate manner.  Achieving this goal involves changing the way I listen to people from passive listening to active listening which means listening with more than my ears, with my eyes.  Yes, this means I stop everything I am doing so I can look at what a person is saying to me.  Looking at people with intentionality and observing how they are behaving when speaking to me, helps me better understand their message.  I can determine if there are their signs of stress, if their hands are saying something to me, if they are worried, and so forth.  Listening is more than just hearing the words the person is speaking; their emotions and physical behavior are just as critical.  

Today we focus on communicating via e-mails and texting without consideration for the importance of a face to face conversation with the other person.  Listening with our eyes forces us to make time for face to face meetings, to give the person a sense of value by demonstrating your willingness to set everything else aside and listen with your eyes.  

I thank God that He listens with his eyes, He watches over me caring for all my needs seeing the pains and struggles and responding appropriately.  He listen’s with His eyes and makes time for me even when I don’t realize He is there.  Praise the Lord!

Whether at work, school, or home take the time to listen with your eyes!  Just a little advice to go! 

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