Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prove It!

Imagine if someone asked you to prove it; to prove that you truly love Christ. What would your answer be? Perhaps you would respond by stating that you give your tithes, you attend church regularly, you feed the poor, you visit the sick, you visit the prisons, you go on mission trips, and/or you minister on the streets. The potential list of answers goes on and on, but is that truly proof of your love for Christ. We know that we are not saved by our works, but by his grace; but that doesn't preclude our responsibility as believers to do his work.

Each and everyone of us has a calling that Christ has placed in the depths of our hearts. It is a calling ignited by our willingness to submit to the direction of the Holy Spirit. All of us have work to perform, not because it gets us to heaven, but as evidence that our faith is founded in the reality of Christ. We need to speak about our faith in Christ whenever the opportunity allows or even when it doesn't. We need to be willing to stand against the crowd, particularly when they are heading in the wrong direction; away from Christ. We need to ensure that we never deny Christ and always proclaim him as our Lord and Savior. We need to make sure others understand our faith and why we believe in the miracle of Christ. We need to take notice of needs others have and provide for them to help sustain them much as Christ would sustain each of us.

The best proof of our faith is living it each and every day. The evidence of God's mercy should resound from each word we speak demonstrating that regardless of the challenges we face, God will prevail. Our every action and every word should testify to the reality that Christ is our Lord and Savior. Just a little advice to go!

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