Sunday, October 13, 2013

Faith Key Opens Amazing Doors

Faith is that key that opens the door to God's promises for you life.  God's word shares many examples of how faith was required for the miracle to take place.  One example of this is the escape of God's people from the bondage of Egypt.  Trapped between the Red Sea and the approach of the Egyptian army, the Israelites found themselves facing death.  But Moses led them to the red sea knowing that the waters would part.  Moses led them there knowing that God would perform the miracle; he believed first and acted second resulting in God's miracle taking place.

So too, we must believe first having abundant faith and knowing that God will respond.  That is the transition that we as believers must all make.  We must move from doubters to faithful servants, from thinking it will happen to knowing it will happen.  When our faith is such, we know God will answer our prayers.  We will then hear that still voice speaking to our hearts and minds and know that it is God leading us.  We won't sit there and try to argue against God's message but will act on it faithfully knowing that his plan is not to be questioned.  

When we follow God's plan and respond to His words, will become aligned with his will and purpose for our lives.  We can then weather any storm and rejoice as His blessings will become an integral part of our lives.  How amazing God is!  Just a little advice to go! 

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