Sunday, June 2, 2013

Overcoming Negativity Through Christ!

The negativity we encounter on a daily basis can be destructive if we fail to understand its impact on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  Negativity is a reality of every day life; how we respond to it determines whether it impacts us or we impact it.  First let's get a better understanding of the impact negativity has on us.

On the mental side, negativity has been demonstrated to impact the brain function by creating the release of  a large number of stress related hormones and neurotransmitters which increase our blood pressure and heart rate.  Tests where people have been exposed to negative words or pictures demonstrate the brain reacts negatively to this stimuli and the person becomes anxious and even depressed.  Negative verbal communication spreads with more people engaging in negative comments.   The end result is a continuously growing negative environment that takes its toll on those who have to endure it.

As our mental capacity begins to deteriorate so does our ability to control our emotions and with the induced stessors come a loss of emotional intellect resulting in behaviors that create alarming situations.   Those negative situations quickly spread negativity to others perpetuating itself by creating more and more negative situations.  

When mental capacity and emotions deteriorate because of negativity, the cognitive dissonance many experience creates confusion and stress leading to a state of panic, anxiety and subsequent depression.  The inner man, the Spirit, finds itself in conflict with the physical man and the battle begins.  It is a battle that the spirit can easily lose as scripture tells us the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Overcoming the flesh requires an overpowering spirit which one can only achieve by practicing positive behaviors.  For the Christian that means recognizing that we are empowered by His Spirit and Word.  When we abide in Him and His word abides in us, our Spirit can overcome the flesh and move us from a world of negativity to one of positivity.  Yes, as believers we have the ability to remain positive in all situations because His word gives us that authority.

God's word teaches us that in Christ we can do all things, we can be new creations moving from the negative to the positive, we can ask and receive, we can be more than conquerors, we can surrender all, we can overcome evil with good, we can lean on His understanding, we can become the light instead of darkness, we can be joyful in hope, we can be patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.  Yes in Christ we can overcome negativity and turn our lives into a positive contagion that spreads to all whom we come in contact with.  Take the step to being a positive light in this world of negativity; Christ can get you there!  Just a little advice to go!

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