Sunday, June 30, 2013

Breaking The Yoke!

The yoke binds the oxen leading them in every direction their master chooses depriving them of their freedom.  Like the oxen we find ourselves yoked by the sin that haunts us from the day we are born into this world.  Many believe these sins to be a curse we cannot overcome, a curse that has become generational.  The yoke has bound them for so long they fail to realize it can no longer control them, that they can simply choose a different path.

Christ has come to deliver sinners still every day they march forward repeating their sins believing they can never break free of the yoke that bounds them.  This is where you and I as believers come in; we are called to share the message of Christ as the key that unlocks the yoke and sets the captive free.  Our walk with Christ provides illumination for the lost to see that there is a way to overcome the curse and be set free.

Celebrating Christ and the fruits of the spirit will draw others who are seeking the joy that we have.  We can share the wisdom of God's word to those who are hurt, broken, and in despair.  We become the messenger for the one and only creator, ensuring that others know that their yoke has been removed, the curse has been broken, and they have been set free.  There is no generational curse Christ can't overcome, no burden he can't carry.

Together we can be the light that shines in the darkness revealing there is no yoke for those who choose  the Lord as their Savior.  We can be the voice that shouts from the mountain top that the yoke has been broken, that in Christ we are truly free!  Just a little advice to go!

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