Saturday, May 11, 2013

From The Inside Out

In Matthews, Jesus speaks about how the mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart.  Our hearts represent our inner being, who we really are.  They reflect our deep seeded realities and in spite of our efforts to conceal our true identities, our hearts give us away.  We present an exterior that reflects what we want others to believe us to be, despite of the realities of who we are.  How can we justify this type of existence knowing that God is intimately familiar with our hearts.  He knows who we really are and patiently waits for us to grow into the person he needs us to be, that person we often feign being but fall short of becoming.  

John Maxwell teaches that your outside will never convert your inside but that sooner or later the inside person will surface and people will see us for who we really are.  He challenges us to become that person God wants us to be on the inside, so that our outside person reflects God’s love.  

Corey Brooks, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey tells a story about an elderly inner city woman who taught him that the world he saw outside of himself reflected his inner being.  If your inside reality is sinful and out of sync with God’s principles then that is what you will see around you.  But if your inside person is aligned with God’s love, faith, and grace; you will see a world full of opportunity and promise.  There is good reason to make sure that our inside person is truly that wonderful, faithful, and loving person we aspire to be.  God can help us get there if we are willing to stop pretending and start changing from the inside out!  Just a little advice to go! 

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