Sunday, April 21, 2013

Power and Presence

Power and presence are two keep factors in our service to God that we cannot forget.   As we encounter daily challenges we need remember the power and presence of God that dwells within us as believers. God's presence is with us for a reason, to assist in our daily walk through life.   It is a presence that can guide and direct our every step if we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  God's power can help fulfill the purpose He has for our lives.  If we are in His will, then we are not abandoned to the enemy's attacks but fortified by His power and authority.  We must learn to acknowledge God's continued presence in our lives and His willingness to address every aspect of our lives if we are humble enough to step out of the way and submit to His will.  We must move pride out of the way and learn to attribute the credit for our victories to God the Father.  

When we allow God's presence to prevail then we allow his power to be activated in us and can then achieve that which seems unattainable.  Suddenly the ideas come, the time needed to accomplish the goal is plentiful, the ability to multitask becomes second nature, the sense of panic and I can't do it yields to the feeling that no one can stop you, and everything falls in place.   Even when conflict occurs, you find yourself at peace because God's presence and power are in sync with His purpose for your life.    All you and I have to do is get out of His way and humbly yield to His power and presence!  Just a little advice to go!  

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