Sunday, September 25, 2016

Completely Yours!

Completely yours, do we truly understand what that means?  It means making a complete commitment to honor, serve and unconditionally love your family, your spouse, your friends and those you serve each day.  It means sacrificing yourself for those you have committed to even if they fail to keep their commitment to you.

Being completely yours to so many requires balancing those relationships and ensuring that you do not become overly committed to one and under committed to another.  It takes practice, hard work, and a daily effort to honor those to whom you have made this commitment.

As a Christian, I know God has committed to be completely mine and that has been life changing.  My efforts in committing to be completely yours to others aligns with honoring his example of self-sacrifice. Today, I once again commit to be completely yours to God, family, friends, and those I serve each day! Will you make a completely yours commitment?  Just a little advice to go!

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