Sunday, December 21, 2014

A2G: Celebrating Christmas!

Celebrating Christmas is about remembering Christ; his birth, death and resurrection.  It is a time to remember His mission to provide each and everyone of us the opportunity for salvation.  He has given us the ultimate gift and in doing so endured a taste of humanity, as well as the joys and sufferings that accompany it.  We, by being his chosen ones, celebrate him daily and come together during Christmas to share His joy with our loved ones, friends and even those strangers we run into. Gifts in the form of purchased items, time, and behaviors are provided to reflect our love and faith in Christ.  

Let us not lose site of the spirit of Christmas by spending more than we can afford, by worrying about what others may think of our gifts, by failing to act with kindness or by being critical of others’ efforts.  Let us faithfully remain within the Spiritual realm of the meaning of the Christmas season remembering to celebrate Christ by caring for our loved ones, loving those who for some reason or other hurt and battle depression in this season, and by loving the strangers with whom we come in contact each day with a simple act of kindness.  

May your Christmas be a true celebration of Christ, one in which you faithfully practice the love of Christ!  Just a little advice to go! 

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