Monday, August 4, 2014

Feeling Convicted?

Have you felt convicted?  In what ways?  God uses the Holy Spirit to convict us in different ways based on the status of our walk with Him.  Conviction can expose us to the fact we are walking outside of God's will, a reminder we need to realign ourselves with God's word.  Conviction can also come in the form of reprove, a reminder of what we know to be true and the fact we are contradicting this truth by the manner in which we are behaving.  Conviction can also come in the form of convincing, convincing us to to do God's will; to take the steps to be right with the Lord.  God's conviction through the Holy Spirit serves to ensure we are reminded of His grace and love for us.  We are reminded he claimed us by the shedding of His blood and is unwilling to let us depart from Him.  In the secular world a convicted person having been found guilty is penalized but in God's world his conviction opens the door for repentance, forgiveness, and renewal.  There is no sentence, no condemnation in Christ our Lord!  Just a little advice to go!

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