Saturday, November 30, 2013

Be A Multiplier, Not A Diminisher!

Jesus was an expert at multiplying people, not just the number of people but the individuals themselves. He recognized the beauty and power of each individual and knew what to do to help them recognize their full potential.  He did not focus on their weaknesses or on diminishing them, but rather chose to love them unconditionally leading to the recognition that they could do the impossible.  Whether a prostitute, tax collector, a bad tempered and overreacting disciple or committed follower bent on washing his feet; Jesus knew how to multiply their strengths helping them to develop into better people. 

We too have to learn to become multipliers, to celebrate the goodness of those we come into contact with, helping them reach their full potential.  Sadly, we live in a world that often wants to focus on the negative, the flaws of the individual with little regard for their strengths.  It is so easy to come together to talk about others faults rather than trying to celebrate their strengths.  Each of us can move from being a multiplier to being a diminisher if we fail to make conscious effort to celebrate people rather than diminish them.  

As believers we are called to love everyone, to look for their goodness and strengths and help them focus on those while keeping their weaknesses in check.  It takes courage and commitment both of which  Christ provides if you are open to receiving them.  With his help we can learn to become multipliers and avoid being diminishers.  Join me in committing to help multiply people instead of diminishing them.  Just a little advice to go! 

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